Planning ahead for a change

Yesterday we went off script a little bit. A cafe for breakfast, for one thing. And that food was fantastic, by the way. Way off script for us was, we booked our RV parks for three nights, all in advance. Being only 20 miles out from Manitowoc and needing two nights there we wanted to be sure to have full hook ups and laundry. We got it. In fact, we are just across the street from Lake Michigan. Then, getting to Ludington, MI on the ferry at 7 p.m. Thursday we needed a destination to head for right off the boat. Now we have one.

But don’t worry, we are still flying by the seat of our bike shorts. I haven’t even looked at our next map, nor given a thought to where we go next. And at some point we will have to think about going home, too. Details for another day.

There is one thing that remains constant. Life is always an adventure.

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