We are still at it

This hasn’t been updated too recently, but we are still at it. Yesterday we changed our route, because the Adventure Cycling route takes us to Canada and we can’t go there. Then, today we changed our minds and decided to go as far as we could with the original route, then go home until Canada opens. Yes, we like to keep things fluid.

Speaking of fluid, the forecast is rain for tomorrow, so our plan is to get riding early, before it starts. If it’s raining early we will change plans again, I guess.

Now that we have an end game in mind, I think both of us are ready to finish up and have some home time. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t having a great time, because we sure are.

There haven’t been as many crazy adventures this leg of the tour, but we are still taking the time to stop and smell the roses every now and then. Today we visited an Amish family who makes hand woven baskets and rockers. Neither of us walked away empty handed and there is a chance we may go back for more.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I will try to take more pictures. There isn’t one from today, but here’s Michelle while we were still on Lake Michigan.

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