Rainy day sends us packing

Here we are in Shawana, WI. We are thinking of staying two nights here because according to our maps we only have 102 miles left to Manitowoc. Today is Saturday and the ferry doesn’t leave until Thursday. So not only is it two days of biking, it’s two short days! Then we will see what Michigan brings.

It’s been a few days since posting anything, but cell service is spotty, at best, and I’ve already used all of my allotted personal hot spot time for the month on my phone. Roads continue to be hilly, traffic is still mostly polite. The people we have met have been great. Lots of offers for help while sitting in the RV at the side of the road while waiting for a biker. And the lakes in this area are truly beautiful.

Today was a short day too. We rode a few extra miles to a campground yesterday so had a short day planned anyway, but cut it short due to rain and a busy highway. Rain is alright, we don’t love it. And busy highways are alright, we don’t love them either. But when you put the two together, you load the bikes and drive to the next town.

We will be spending the rest of the day napping, recovering and watching our chosen series for the trip, Unauthorized Living. It’s too rainy outside to do much else.

Happy trails!

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