The end is sort of in sight

Day three of the riding portion of our trip and it was another cooker out there. But we are doing alright. It wasn’t easy, but we both managed to turn our odometers over to 100 miles today. Then we came back to Billings to camp and we will pick up 20 miles ahead where we left off. We might actually be home sometime Tuesday! Barring unforeseen circumstances, of course. So the translation of the end being in sight is we think we are halfway done with leg two of our epic tour.

Oh,and we plan to go through Miles City again, so I should be able to pick up my lost but not forgotten toiletry bag. The really necessary items have been replaced, but I sure miss my contact lenses and electric toothbrush.

It’s bedtime now so I’ve gotta go. Hopefully I’ll check in again tomorrow.

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