We are doing this!

No blog yesterday, sorry but that happens sometimes. We kept pretty busy. We were up and riding by 6:30 and had a tailwind. It was a good day to ride. Let me modify that, it was a good morning to ride. By noon or so the temperature was up in the 90s again and we called it a day. Before going to our campsite we took a tour of Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park. I’ve been into lots of caves, but this one was really nice. It had a lot of full columns that really looked carved. We had to whisper because they were concerned about startling their baby bats, but Michelle remarked (quietly) that now she knew where they got the design for the leaning tower of Pisa.

After checking in we drove a couple miles down the road and visited the headwaters of the Missouri River. That’s where the picture is from.

Looking at the map, it’s going to take us longer than a week to get across this state. That really doesn’t come as a surprise, because it takes a week to cross South Dakota and we do much longer days on that tour. We may modify our route a little bit and I’m hoping to take a detour back to Miles City where I left my toiletry bag. That’s where my contacts are, so I’m riding in glasses. It’s harder on my eyes than the usual wrap around sunglasses.

But we will make it. And if I ever complain about our harsh climate and changeable weather, remind me that I could be in Montana.

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