Last night I didn’t sleep well. I was hearing the beep beep beep of an alarm throughout the night, but it really got regular about 4:10. I stayed in bed until 5:45 anyway, but didn’t get much sleep. Eventually we figured out that it was the inverter, which is under the bed. I flipped the switch enough times that it quit and called it good. Walking to the resort bathroom one last time before leaving, there were several hot air balloons ascending over the Yellowstone River. We had seen a poster about a balloon festival but get so tired by evening we dismissed it.

As you might know, our plans change like a baby’s diaper. We drove to Pompei Point as our start spot and got in a great 22 miles. Then somehow we made a wrong turn. Michelle rode five miles up a difficult road before we figured it out, so then she got a great downhill by riding back. Then we resumed our routine of taking turns riding and driving. All in all we each rode about 30 miles and finished around 2 in the afternoon. The thing is, they are hilly miles and though a little cooler today at the upper 80s, the humidity is up there higher than it’s been. We were shot.

During our ride time we had talked over various plans and agreed on one that would take us back to Billings for the night, we could do our laundry and get more groceries, then go the festival after napping a bit in the afternoon.

So far that’s still the plan. We are back to the same RV park as last night, have had our showers, sandwiches and naps, in that order, and the laundry is drying as I write. Tomorrow we will take the morning off because we both need down time. Yes, we also want to get home, both of us have work to do waiting for us, but we also want our trip to be enjoyable.

So far it sure has been!

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  1. I think you two sound a bit like “Lucy and Ethyl” — and, it seems, having just as much fun!! Go stomp some grapes! 🍷🍷


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