Big Fir

Last night we stayed in a campground north of Vancouver. We tried to get a spot a little closer to Portland, but campgrounds seem to be pretty full. We have both been surprised by the number of people who live there full time.

The amenities at this one were pretty rustic, but the scenery was magnificent. That’s a view looking up from our picnic table.

We had another rest day today. But now we will be hitting the road more and calling the RV places less. There was some weird problem with our converter that drained the batteries pretty much constantly. But now we are fixed and up and running.

And we are at a campground near where we will be picking up on the ride so we should be good to go in the morning. We will be biking on the scenic highway along the Columbia River and I for one am excited about it.

With any luck there will be a nice picture or two from that ride posted tomorrow.

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