It’s a beautiful campground

This is me by the little river next to our site. Last night went very well. We had a lovely meal of spaghetti and meatballs with a side salad. I’m thinking that by the time we were finished eating the low battery alert was ringing! Dang.

We turned stuff off, then decided it didn’t really matter. We would be dead by morning anyway. So, again, all night we listened to the tone from the alarm every 60 seconds. You really do stop hearing it, eventually. I did, anyway. Slept soundly and dreamed a whole lot more than usual. Weird stuff, sci-fi, even. Weird is common, sci-fi not so much. Don’t ask me what it means!

In the morning we had a leisurely breakfast, dressed in our bike clothes and unhooked. Guess what! The leveling jacks work with the RV battery! We were going nowhere without charging it somehow. But it hadn’t been charging much from running the vehicle, being plugged in or with the generator. So we called a few RV service places, discussed riding into town and carrying back a battery charger and even called some friends for advice. We also called the campground owner to see if they could give us a jump. She said she’d send her husband over, he knows how to do a lot of things.

So the batteries were pulled, checked and pronounced DOA. They weren’t old batteries at all, but he said once they’re that low they won’t hold a charge anymore. The guy two campers over volunteered to take us to town, the owner installed them when we got back. And we decided that by this time we should just take a rest day and stay another night.

Michelle threw a nice little shot glass. I did some reading and journaling. And we fed the rabbits carrots and tried to get good pictures of them. They are wild domesticated rabbits. Very cute.

Now you’ve read a book about a rest day. Tomorrow should be a better day, and we have a battery charger just in case.

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