Cascade Locks, OR

What a great day! We didn’t ride too many miles, but that’s not important. We have seen some beautiful sights. Waterfalls, overlooks, rivers and trees. We’ve met interesting people, including a nice man from the DOT who was called in to direct traffic in the jam that I was part instigator of. Yep. Good times.

But seriously, I’d like to come back with John sometime and spend a couple of weeks. Maybe in a smaller vehicle.

One path that I was on had a three story staircase with a bike wheel groove. That’s something I’ve never dealt with before but it went without incident. There was also a tunnel, which I got through with no broken pelvis or anything.

All in all, this is going great. And we are still friends.

One thought on “Cascade Locks, OR

  1. The bike groove sounds interesting – glad the tunnel went well. Love reading your posts– thanks for taking time to share this epic experience!


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