As a matter of fact we did!

A great wine from one of the places we visited in Walla Walla Washington the first year. I’m still a member of their wine club!

In April of 2019 Michelle and I set off in a motorhome to ride our way from Oregon to Maine. Was meant to be 2 legs. Western in the spring, eastern in the fall. But that blizzard in Montana toward Memorial Day ruined our mojo. We ended up just riding Oregon through Montana that year.

2020 was going to finish it for us. But we all know how 2020 went. We did ride through Minnesota toward fall.

By 2021 we decided to just do what we could in a month or so. That ended up being Wisconsin and Michigan. We couldn’t cross over into Canada yet because of covid restrictions. Go figure!

Last year it just didn’t happen. Did you ever have a year like that?

This year we both set the month of May aside to finish what we started. A month or two beforehand I knew it would take some help for me so started looking in earnest for an e-bike. And I happened onto a wonderful bike that was even on sale. I told Michelle right away and she decided to get one too.

And today we finished our ride. I have yet to dip my wheel in the Atlantic, but there will be a chance tomorrow. We will be spending a day recovering and being tourists before starting the long journey home.

Thanks for following along with the blog. Who knows what the next adventure might be!

Still friends at the end of the road.

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