Pretty close now

Tonight we will stay in our second campground that isn’t officially open for the season. Don’t wowed, that little door on the water will be locked up tight!

You can’t call today uneventful. The rain last night cleared up in the wee hours and left us with a fantastic day to ride. We planned for two regular days and one short one to finish up.

Never plan anying.

30 miles in we changed drivers again. I watched myself set my phone on the rack and told myself how stupid that was. A mile and a half or so down the road I realized I couldn’t see it, so tried pushing the locate button on my watch. Nope.

It’s hard to turn around on a dime with a 30 foot motor home, but I did my best. I knew exactly where we’d parked. And I walked most of the ditch pushing that locate button every few feet. Nothing.

If you’ve read a post or two of this you probably realize that I’m navigationally challenged. So, how am I going to find Michelle and let her know I have to get to a cell phone store? It’s not easy being me.

I brought the iPad along to write blog posts on, so grabbed it, got on the route and found her. Then we coordinated our gps apps and headed to the nearest store.

I’m the proud (?) owner of a brand spanking new phone. It’s pretty but they sure do cost a fortune when you don’t have a trade in.

Still loving Maine, but now that we’re close to finished I think we’re both excited to be done!

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