Hello Adirondacks

We are still in upstate New York. and it’s really beautiful. There is a lot of water, whether it’s lakes or rivers. They have both. And there are all of these huge flat rocks! This one isn’t as flat as some, but once again I have to marvel at what an amazing country I live in.

We kept the mileage down to about 60 miles today. Tomorrow May be a little more again, but we’ll have to see is he hills are manageable or not. I think they will be. We’ll also have to see if the rain holds off. Hope so!

Tonight’s campground is actually very nice. Such a wonderful gentleman runs it! The thing is, it’s not really open for the season yet. But he answered his phone and Michelle convinced him to let us stay anyway. Shower house isn’t open but we have a shower in the rv so that works out just fine. And being the only ones here, at least the neighbors aren’t too loud!

Did I mention that the show we have been watching in our down time is Good Girls? It’s a good diversion for us. Sometimes while riding I find myself doing a little script writing. So far pretty much nothing that I come up with has happened, but there’s always hope for tomorrow!

Thanks for reading, keep your wheels on the ground. See you tomorrow.

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