Made it to Ticonderoga

All night long sounded like someone was messing with our water. It can be a little freaky staying in an empty campground! t some point in the middle of the night it occurred to me that the sound was really the little door where the hose hooks up. We hadn’t locked it. Good news in that I knew there was no axe killer or poisoner out there. Bad news in that there was no way I was going out there to lock it in the cold dark night.

It was warm enough early enough that we were on the road by 9 or so. Michelle took the first 15 miles. Then t was my turn. Popped the battery on to my bike and what did I find? 24%. It didn’t charge last night.

On a positive note, I may be more capable then I’d led myself to believe. Made it through my 15. Thankfully there was some downhill. And I did turn it off when I wasn’t climbing.

Next t time I drove I started the generator and started charging. It ran for quite a while, then it stopped. And the light on it flashed 3 times. That means it requires service. Not anything I want to hear!

The batteries stayed charges. I had 4% left at the end. That was good.

Also good, I didn’t die. After a little accident on a descent in 2011, the only time I’ve been in a helicopter and I was strapped down, couldn’t even look out the window, I don’t care much for descents. As it works out Ticonderoga is straight down a 2+ mile hill. By riding my brakes way too much I kept it down to around 25. For some cyclists it would be a dream. Just not this one.

But here we are and we’re settled in for the evening. Tomorrow’s high is supposed to be 50 so chances are we’ll stay an extra night. Maybe we’ll do something fun and this can be a little more interesting!

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