Problems before we start?

Tomorrow (May 1) is our target day to begin. But it’s not going to work like that. As we speak our RV is in the shop waiting for parts. With any luck said parts will arrive tomorrow – and they’ll be the right ones.

Meanwhile on my couch I started looking at our maps. We bought these maps for the projected leave time of 2018. In reality we didn’t even begin until 2019 but how much can a map really change? More than we thought, I guess. The ferry that we’re supposed to take to Canada closed in 2018. It will not be reopening. Ever.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking at the map, several trail apps and various websites. It looks like we can still make this work. It means crossing further south, ending up on an island, then finding the road that gets us back to the map. The online graphic shows a bridge, so we can almost certainly get off of the island.

Do I think this is all going to work? I’m really about as sure about it as Elon Musk was about his latest rocket launch. And we know how that ended.

But as long as the RV can get us across the country and back we will somehow make it happen.

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