Darn you Montana!

First off, we didn’t leave on Sunday as previously planned. One of us has a harder time getting away from work, and it isn’t me. But that doesn’t matter. We have no firm date to get back and we do plan to finish, once we start.

So after noticing a low tire before we left Michelle’s driveway we went to a tire place in Aberdeen to have it looked at. Four new tires later we were on our way. And we needed them. Looking at the picture of the one that is low I think you’ll agree.

The unplanned time spent in Aberdeen was time well spent. Fast forward a few hours. And you’ll find us somewhat in the middle of nowhere in Montana still looking at maps and planning our route. All was right with our world until we lost power going down a hill. And a little light that looks like a wrench came on. We have a manual for that. It says we are in limp home mode. The trouble is, the nearest town that with any sort of mechanic was 99 miles away. We weren’t planning to go to Miles City, but we made it! We called the KOA from the road and they were full, but they called back within a couple of minutes and had a cancellation. So not only did we make it to Miles City, but we also had a place to stay!

Alright, we were thinking that we were having a pretty bad day. However, upon heading into the ladies room at the campground, there was a young woman with a full cast and a one legged scooter heading in as well. Yesterday, on their first day of vacation, she got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and fell out of their cabin. She shattered a few bones. We decided we are doing alright after all.

And don’t worry, once we get things looked at we will be back on the road again. If we have to spend some time in Miles City at least we will have our bikes!

We fought the good fight, but Montana won

We are not quitters. When we have made up our minds to do something, we usually do. And we fought Montana hard. We spent five days here and were able to ride four of them.

I don’t know if you’ve spent much time on a bike seat, but you feel the weather. Temperatures anywhere in the 50s up are good with me and yesterday most of our miles were in before it hit that magic number. Rain spit on and off most of the day. The wind beat us up pretty badly too, but at the end of the day we stayed in an RV park with hot springs. That made it better.

This morning we woke up to temps in the 30s and no hope of getting out of the 40s for several days. There comes a time when you just have to cry uncle. We did ride for awhile this morning, but we knew we would never make it across the state at that pace. So we called it.

That doesn’t mean our ride is finished. We are coming home a few days early, but will schedule a week this summer when it’s warmer and get it done.

Montana may have won the battle, but she hasn’t won the war.

Sapphire fever

Yesterday we woke up to a nearly flooded campground. Seriously, an RV just a few spots over was surrounded in at least ankle deep water. We got up and out while we could. It would be interesting to go past the place again today, because it just poured all day yesterday.

Anyway, we drove across the road to higher ground for breakfast and met some great characters. Two we passing through, like us, and one stays there a lot. He told us about a great small town where you can mine sapphires.

Being way too wet and miserable to safely ride, we drove to Philipsburg and bought a couple of bags of rocks. It was so much fun! We ended up staying all afternoon. But this afternoon is supposed to be dry for at least a few hours so we will be back on the road on two wheels again.

If there’s wifi or a cell signal I’ll try to post again.

I love you after all, Idaho

After a bad first day, Idaho has redeemed herself. We stayed at the nicest campsite last night. True, there were no amenities, but it was great. A young guy right across the road warned us that we might want to move because there were about 18 of them who were going to have a big party, but when it started raining about the time the party was to start, they all scattered and left. So we kept our ideal site.

You could go right back to the Lochsa River from where we were. There was a fire pit, trails, room for a family’s worth of tents. Yet another place that would be worth coming back to.

We should be having cell service again soon, so I’m writing about noon as Michelle rides. It’s been a pretty steady climb today, but not at a bad grade and neither of us is feeling it much. Traffic is light, shoulders are fairly smooth. Life is good.

And by the end of the day, with any luck, we should be in Montana.

Poor navigation, rotten shoulders

Update on the mouse situation: We put out traps baited with peanut butter, then added a little bit of chocolate Lara bar. It actually looked pretty good. And within a minute of us turning out the lights to go to sleep we heard the trap under the sink. We got him! There haven’t been any more, so we think we picked up two of them at one of the campgrounds and now have gotten rid of them. But we won’t be removing traps anytime soon anyway.

Today we crossed into Idaho and onto a new adventure cycling map. That’s kind of a big deal, going to a new map, I mean. You go a lot of days on just one. Anyhow, I used my keen navigational skills to totally miss the route I meant to be on. That included riding up one really steep hill that I never would have needed to. In fact, when I got to the top is when I checked and saw I was a mile or two too far. Then I missed my turn to a bike path and stayed on a busy Hwy. 12 longer than necessary. And it goes on. Let’s just say that today I couldn’t have navigated my way out of a paper bag.

Eventually we met up again and traded off. Michelle didn’t get lost once, except at the same place that I took a wrong turn, so it didn’t matter. We just used our own alternate route.

And we didn’t ride as far as we had hoped, but we have a reason! The shoulders disappeared and the log trucks multiplied. Neither of us felt safe enough to ride in that, so we called it a day early and checked into a KOA. It’s important to be flexible, you know.

There is a mouse in our house

A few days ago we found a mouse on our step just inside the door. It was quite something to wake up to! So I opened the door and used my shoe to knock it outside. We had just had some work done on the RV and were blaming him on doors being left open at the shop. This is his picture after we evicted him.

Then Michelle thought she felt one run over her in the night. I didn’t even hear her scream so we thought maybe she was dreaming.

Last night I heard them scritching and scratching and the more we look around and vacuum the more we find evidence of superhighways. Under the driver’s seat and in the bathroom seem to be favored venues.

Tonight’s campground is within easy walking distance of a WalMart, so as soon as we were parked and showered we took off to stock up on traps. We are one use only type of people, so figured it could take a lot, but not more than we could carry.

Now we are waiting them out. There must be 8 set, plus we have those plug in things that are supposed to repel them. We think they don’t work, because we got them several days ago after the first sighting.

I’ll let you know our progress.

As for today’s ride, it was great! There were some tough uphills and glorious downhills. The wind was mostly at our backs and we both enjoyed the riding. Until the shoulder got uncomfortably narrow and traffic really heavy. Then we hit road construction anyway, so just drove the rest of the way to Clarkston, WA. Tomorrow we will cross over into Idaho. And I’ll even stay awake for it. This is the view from our campground. It’s beautiful here!

Walla Walla Washington

Has anyone noticed that the northwest is having a spring heatwave? Well, we have.

Yesterday we pulled in to Walla Walla with hopes of getting my bike looked at and spending a day off of our bikes. Both missions have been accomplished. My brakes were dragging, so maybe that’s part of the utter exhaustion. And today we got up whenever we wanted to, did some laundry, visited the humane society next door, then went downtown to one of the 39 (I think) tasting rooms. Wine is really big around here.

It’s been a good day. We are both going to have a little rest time now and hopefully fix a decent meal for tonight.

The picture is an adoptable dog named Bhoot. She’s a real sweetie and we enjoyed playing together for awhile.

Tomorrow it’s back in the saddle and hopefully you’ll hear more of our adventures.