Almost home

This is from that last campground in Maine. I don’t have anything newer but I thought this was cool.

After driving through Canada for the past 2 days we are back in the good old U S of A. Somewhere on the border of the Upper Peninsula and Wisconsin. Barring unforeseen circumstances we will sleep in our own beds tomorrow night!

Speaking of beds, we couldn’t find a campground last night. Many people would take that as an opportunity to camp in a Walmart parking lot. We’ve often joked about doing exactly that. However, our generator isn’t working well and the forecast was too chilly for me to sign up for the adventure. So we slept in a motel!.

It was fantastic! We went to the hot tub and the bar. And we used a life-size private bathroom. Showered without needing quarters to start it and flip flops to avoid athletes foot. As it turns out we may have done this whole tour wrong.

But we’re back in a campground one last time tonight and it will be fine. From arrival to departure will be under 12 hours so it’s s not like we’re getting too comfortable.

Webster in general and my house specifically may not seem like much to anyone else, but I’m sure ready to see them!

Thanks for sharing he adventure with us.

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