The rain in Maine…

Our soggy campground for the night.

Yes you read that correctly. We are now in Maine. Not very far, but we are there. And it’s raining. Neither of us really wants to leave our bikes outside to get wet but we don’t have a lot of options. We ruined our awning years ago and it’s a small RV. No room for them inside. So we put them under trees hoping that will protect them, at least a little.

You can see our plant in that picture too. We set it on the picnic table to get a quick rinse. Hopefully the rain will make it happy. It’s a pretty nice little orange mint.

We shouldn’t have paid so much attention to the elevations on the map. this morning we drove through a lot that we could have ridden because we kept expecting it to get steep. Yes, it helped us cover a lot more territory, but our bike tour really is more than giving our bikes a tour on the back of the camper. We did ride something between 60-70 miles though. It was starting to rain in a few of those miles but really picked up once we got to the campground.

The rain is predicted to end overnight and tomorrow should be a pretty nice day. We hope to cross another couple sections of the map off the list and be that much closer to the coast.

Thanks for reading, keep your fingers crossed for nice weather! I’ll fill you in tomorrow night.

4 thoughts on “The rain in Maine…

      1. Bar Harbor is great. Acadia National Park is amazing. And they have great blueberry bread pudding at a little restaurant by the water. I know you probably can’t have it, but it was delicious.


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