Check another state off the list

There are only a handful of states I haven’t been to yet. Until yesterday Vermont was one of them. And until today so was New Hampshire. Haven’t been to Maine yet, but it won’t be long now!

We went through a covered bridge today too. Pretty cool huh?

As for riding, what a great day we had. Not gonna lie, we drove over the really big ones. But we rode plenty of decent sized hills too. Some up, some down, even some flats. Roads, not tires.

I don’t think we had any wrong turns today, which is a nice change. Michelle did ride down one road where the bridge was closed, but there was cell signal so she was able to reroute. Fortunately I had taken the RV on the interstate to avoid the dirt road she would have been on for a mile and a half.

We are now in a very nice campground watching another couple of episodes. As a bonus, this season has a bunch more episodes than the other ones. We’ve for sure got another day’s worth out of it.

Tomorrow is going to be an earlier start so it’s time to wind down. Thanks for reading, see you again tomorrow.

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