A little time on the bike, a little time off

Our map showed us leaving Ticonderoga by ferry, but it’s not open for the season yet. And even if it was, I’m not so sure the RV would have fit on it. So we took an alternate route, which worked well. We crossed into Vermont on a bridge further north, the Lake Champlain bridge.

Another 15 miles and we were in Middlebury and ready to get back on the map. Is this the part where I mention that it’s a college town and very busy? Tons of one-way streets and very few parking spaces even for cars? I finally pulled into a gas station and filled the tank just to take a breather.

Eventually I found the highway that we were to meet on. Then it was my turn to ride again. There were 2 options. Stay on the busy highway or use google maps for a better bike route. Should have stayed on the highway. No pictures exist because people already thought I was a creeper. It routed me past an elementary school that was just dismissing. Not so much past, but through. Then it kind of wanted me to do it again. I looked for a different way. Ok, looked hopeful. Passed by another school with parents lined up for the carpool. Then onto a street that had no outlet. Fortunately there were a couple of dads nearby so I just asked them how the heck to get back to highway 7. They got me there.

If I didn’t already have gray hair, today would have turned it!

This is the elevation map for our next few sections. I don’t have a lot of hope for those 3 peaks even with an e-bike. We drove Middlebury Gap this afternoon as a sample. Parts of it are 15% grade. ouch, and no thank you.

While previewing the map we came to some interpretive trails dedicated to Robert Frost. That was cool. Here’s another photo from that trail, then I’m going to bed. If we have Wi-Fi and/or signal we’ll do this again tomorrow.

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