David, our Key to the Continent tour guide.

After laundry, today we had some fun. Off the bikes! too cold and windy for the bikes, chilly but acceptable weather for visiting Historical Fort Ticonderoga.

Cool place. We looked around quite a bit on our own, then did a guided tour, which was more this David guy giving a real history lesson. Interesting but more than I could retain at one time!

Then came the cannon demonstration. Also pretty great. I’ve seen cannon demonstrations before but not by people in period costumes yelling out commands as they went.

Then we came back home to the RV park where we’d left our hookups at our site, and they were still there. Anyone else see the irony in that? Got to Canada and someone steals our $20 plant, go to New York, leave $100 worth of gear laying out and it’s fine.

Tomorrow we ride, but not early. It’s going to take a while to warm up. And when we go it’s on a modified route. The ferry isn’t open for the season yet, but with a slight adjustment we can cross into Vermont on a bridge.

Next installment should be coming to you from there.

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