From lemons comes lemonade

We dropped our RV off at 8 this morning (May 13) and then decided what to do with our day. As luck would have it the tire shop was just off of a bike path.

What could we do but ride to he nearest town? And I’m just going to say it. Fairport, NY is a lot more bike friendly than it is car friendly. I was lost several times there yesterday.

We stumbled across a farmers market! So much fun. I picked up a few souvenirs and you won’t believe what else. A new plant that we will never ever leave unattended. It’s orange mint, which is different and interesting. I have a couple other kinds at home and when we get home at the end of this trip this plant will go with those. For now that’s where it will ride. In the hole that the sink covers make. Should do fine.

We got started with the ride by 11:30 or so and did get 60 miles in, so that’s not bad for a short day.

Tomorrow, being Mothers Day could be a tad shorter too, time will tell.

Until then, thanks for reading. We’ll probably do this again tomorrow!

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