Again?! $#!+

Yesterday’s tire. Today’s looks similar, just a lot newer.

Ok, I’m going to start driving in the left lane at all times and just run people out of the way when I’ve got to turn right! Congestion in Rochester forced me to touch the curb again, barely, but it was enough to ruin that brand new tire.

This morning’s tire place was not bad at all. Super friendly, helpful with suggestions for killing time, less expensive than we had feared. I think we were on the road again shortly after noon. Closer to Rochester, close to the weekend, everything was much busier. But it was a beautiful day, if on the warm side.

I don’t know what else to say though. We are dropping off our ride tomorrow morning early and whenever they can free someone up to fix it they will. We may, or may not be riding tomorrow.

Why does life have to be so hard?

But we’re still trying!

2 thoughts on “Again?! $#!+

  1. I thoroughly enjoy your posts! And feel so bad about your luck! Keep on, keeping on! Prayers for a few good days for you!


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