Falls day!

This blog has had a little down time. And this time there is not an excuse, it’s an actual reason! I don’t have an international plan on my iPad. This is our first campground up north that has Wi-Fi, so catch up time it is.

We saw Horseshoe Falls today and it was truly awesome. And I don’t use that word lightly! Tomorrow we see Niagara Falls so we’ll see how that compares. It was a great day to ride plus mostly trails, so we couldn’t have asked for more.

However, there is also a crime to report. We brought a plant along, it fit on the step for driving and we put it outside at campgrounds. It had basil, oregano and mint in the planter. We left it at the campground this morning knowing we’d be back to the same spot. Plus we put a note on it saying we would be back. Yet when we returned it was gone. We’re hoping someone will return it overnight. And I thought Canadians were nice. Humph.

Did you know that this is wine country? They can’t export to the US but there are maybe more wineries here than there were in Walla Walla Washington! We did a couple of tastings and they do make good wine. Queenston Mile stood out. It was an amazingly friendly and very good winery that we stumbled across. We loved it there. One of their taglines is something about upscale meeting down to earth. And it’s fitting.

Tomorrow I’ll try to update again, from the good old US of A. Where I wouldn’t even consider leaving something unattended at a campground. That being said, at least pictures are more likely to download from my phone to the iPad so ay least there will be that!

2 thoughts on “Falls day!

  1. I’m so glad you had a good time with us at Queenston Mile! You two were an absolute blast during your tasting and definitely made my day! Hopefully you’ll venture up north again and come back to visit!


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