We’re flying now!

For a while we had wild delusions riding early and riding late, putting in 120 mile days when we could. We’ve since found that our battery ranges are closer to 40 than 60 and the generator isn’t that dependable to fully charge the battery of whoever is driving. But we did meet the day 2 ride goal of 90 miles!

That put us in Port Dover, just 79.6 miles out of Fort Erie. We’re both liking Ontario but our mission is Maine. With a good day of riding we should make it to Fort Erie. Then it’s just a short day to Niagara where cross back into the US.

Today (May 7) we are taking a rain/laundry day. It was raining earlier and all along our route the forecast says rain likely throughout the day.

A word about the e-bikes. I’m positive we wouldn’t have gotten this far and I for one wouldn’t feel this good without them. But it hasn’t made for a walk in the park. We’ve mostly had wind, plus a lot of hills. I hate to admit it, but I had to walk up one particularly steep hill that I wasn’t geared right for. There are shifting issues with Michelle’s bike, which stinks. But we’ll find a bike shop, maybe tomorrow.

We are once again getting used to living in such close quarters, but I’m sure we’ll get that all figured out within a few more days.

Life is good. We’re doing this thing!

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