Technical difficulties

This morning I found my iPad. No post yesterday because it was lost. And when I found it, it showed me that the last post hadn’t uploaded. Not sure It has now or not, but we’ll just keep calm and carry on.

We have crossed over into Canada 🍁 we didn’t exactly know what to tell the guy at the border about how long we’re staying, but thought it would be about 3 days. He was fine with that. We are considering driving home mostly through their fine country so it’s good to know they seem pretty easy going. This crossing was much easier than e one’s I see on To Catch a Smuggler.

When we got to the campground he bikes came off the rack! There’s a nice bike path along the river so we went out for a few miles. We both have kinks to work out on our e-bike learning curve but they are going to be a game changer.

It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day to ride. With any luck there will be an update tonight to let you know how we did.

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