Wrapping it up

So Tuesday night a friend texted that a photo was not a blog. I promised that tomorrow was coming. Well, it did. So did a few others. Sorry Jeff!

Now it’s Sunday and time to wrap up leg 2 of our epic bike trip across the country.

The last day, like the day before, had a headwind. This time it was a little stronger. Montana’s way of trying to keep us? Probably not. More of a punishment for daring to cross. That might explain how it was mostly uphill again too.

And there was a little miscalculation on the map on my part. You have to understand, we were using biking specific maps, which are broken down into approximately 30 mile segments. Typically you go from one section to the next right down the line. The route is clearly (well, somewhat clearly) marked and mostly uses bike friendly roads and trails. So I wasn’t looking at the big state map. Anyhow, for whatever reason, at the edge of the state where I thought we had 12 miles left, we needed to go from segment 1 to segment 3! So that added some miles in. Whoops.

It was probably our hardest day, in my opinion, but not nearly the longest, so I guess it worked out. I know we were both pretty happy to see the North Dakota border.

And now we have a month or so to fix up what we may have dinged up and keep working on those glitches that haven’t quite been worked out. Next trip we might need both heat and air conditioning and we want to be darn sure they’re both going to work.

My bike couldn’t seem to lean against the RV and stand up at the end. Pretty much mirrors how I felt.

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