2 days later…

We did indeed take all of yesterday off. It was great! The balloon festival was good and we were up until after 10. That’s our latest night yet. I slept in, we did a whole lot of nothing and then slept like babies last night. Well, I did. Can’t really speak for Michelle, but that’s never stopped me before.

So since we stayed two nights at the same place in Billings, when we went back to Miles City we stayed in the same place we’d been on the way out. Plus there was an added bonus of getting my toiletry bag back. Today I got to wear contacts on my ride!

But back to last night in Miles City. We decided to take a leisurely stroll around the park in the evening with a pocket full of dog treats. We didn’t come across many dogs and the cat on a leash didn’t care for it.

But you know what we did find? A family playing bocce ball. The dad was wearing an SDSU shirt. Of course we had to stop and ask about it. He didn’t go there, she did. They were a really nice couple originally from Fedora, now in Sioux Falls. Shot the breeze there for a while.

And today’s ride. For the first time this leg of the journey we had a headwind. That was hard to take after all of those tailwind days. And it sure seemed like there were more uphills than down today. But we managed to get our miles in. There may have been a couple of mishaps here or there, but nobody is injured.

We are just short of getting to the North Dakota border, so are staying one more night in Montana. It’s a different sort of campground and that’s all I’m going to say about that. I’ll try to write one more time after we cross that elusive border.

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