Ready to ride

Our mechanical problems seem to have gone away. The guy who ran last night’s KOA sent us to his personal mechanic, Cliff. After running diagnostics on it at no charge, Cliff advised us to take it on the interstate, get it up to speed and see what happened. If the light didn’t come on, we should assume it was a glitch. So that’s what we are assuming.

After a long day we are safely parked at the Dillon, MT KOA and will be leaving bright and early in the morning. Do you know how many people bring their dogs along camping? I don’t either, but it’s a lot! Our site is right next to the campground dog run so we’ve met a few of them without even walking around. Always ready to take a walk after spending all day in a vehicle, we wandered around the campground after eating and visited with a lot of people. And petted a lot of dogs! Only one was too feisty to pet. They said it’s old and cranky. I told them I can relate.

Our remotes for both the television and fire stick are lost forever, it seems, so television has been out. We did pick up a universal remote so the TV works, but we don’t have any channels. I’m in the process of downloading an app to use my phone for the fire stick, so hopefully tomorrow we can watch something, if we choose to.

Ok, the only picture I’ve taken today is of the toilet seat. You see, it’s broken and when we stopped at an RV place I wanted to get a new one. They didn’t have anything that would work. Anyway, I don’t want to post that picture. Maybe I’ll snap a quick selfie of us after a really long 95 degree day. Scratch that, it’s really bad! Here’s a sunset on Enemy Swim Lake. It’s got nothing to do with our ride, but it’s pretty.

Tomorrow we ride!

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