Darn you Montana!

First off, we didn’t leave on Sunday as previously planned. One of us has a harder time getting away from work, and it isn’t me. But that doesn’t matter. We have no firm date to get back and we do plan to finish, once we start.

So after noticing a low tire before we left Michelle’s driveway we went to a tire place in Aberdeen to have it looked at. Four new tires later we were on our way. And we needed them. Looking at the picture of the one that is low I think you’ll agree.

The unplanned time spent in Aberdeen was time well spent. Fast forward a few hours. And you’ll find us somewhat in the middle of nowhere in Montana still looking at maps and planning our route. All was right with our world until we lost power going down a hill. And a little light that looks like a wrench came on. We have a manual for that. It says we are in limp home mode. The trouble is, the nearest town that with any sort of mechanic was 99 miles away. We weren’t planning to go to Miles City, but we made it! We called the KOA from the road and they were full, but they called back within a couple of minutes and had a cancellation. So not only did we make it to Miles City, but we also had a place to stay!

Alright, we were thinking that we were having a pretty bad day. However, upon heading into the ladies room at the campground, there was a young woman with a full cast and a one legged scooter heading in as well. Yesterday, on their first day of vacation, she got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and fell out of their cabin. She shattered a few bones. We decided we are doing alright after all.

And don’t worry, once we get things looked at we will be back on the road again. If we have to spend some time in Miles City at least we will have our bikes!

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