Sapphire fever

Yesterday we woke up to a nearly flooded campground. Seriously, an RV just a few spots over was surrounded in at least ankle deep water. We got up and out while we could. It would be interesting to go past the place again today, because it just poured all day yesterday.

Anyway, we drove across the road to higher ground for breakfast and met some great characters. Two we passing through, like us, and one stays there a lot. He told us about a great small town where you can mine sapphires.

Being way too wet and miserable to safely ride, we drove to Philipsburg and bought a couple of bags of rocks. It was so much fun! We ended up staying all afternoon. But this afternoon is supposed to be dry for at least a few hours so we will be back on the road on two wheels again.

If there’s wifi or a cell signal I’ll try to post again.

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