I love you after all, Idaho

After a bad first day, Idaho has redeemed herself. We stayed at the nicest campsite last night. True, there were no amenities, but it was great. A young guy right across the road warned us that we might want to move because there were about 18 of them who were going to have a big party, but when it started raining about the time the party was to start, they all scattered and left. So we kept our ideal site.

You could go right back to the Lochsa River from where we were. There was a fire pit, trails, room for a family’s worth of tents. Yet another place that would be worth coming back to.

We should be having cell service again soon, so I’m writing about noon as Michelle rides. It’s been a pretty steady climb today, but not at a bad grade and neither of us is feeling it much. Traffic is light, shoulders are fairly smooth. Life is good.

And by the end of the day, with any luck, we should be in Montana.

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