There is a mouse in our house

A few days ago we found a mouse on our step just inside the door. It was quite something to wake up to! So I opened the door and used my shoe to knock it outside. We had just had some work done on the RV and were blaming him on doors being left open at the shop. This is his picture after we evicted him.

Then Michelle thought she felt one run over her in the night. I didn’t even hear her scream so we thought maybe she was dreaming.

Last night I heard them scritching and scratching and the more we look around and vacuum the more we find evidence of superhighways. Under the driver’s seat and in the bathroom seem to be favored venues.

Tonight’s campground is within easy walking distance of a WalMart, so as soon as we were parked and showered we took off to stock up on traps. We are one use only type of people, so figured it could take a lot, but not more than we could carry.

Now we are waiting them out. There must be 8 set, plus we have those plug in things that are supposed to repel them. We think they don’t work, because we got them several days ago after the first sighting.

I’ll let you know our progress.

As for today’s ride, it was great! There were some tough uphills and glorious downhills. The wind was mostly at our backs and we both enjoyed the riding. Until the shoulder got uncomfortably narrow and traffic really heavy. Then we hit road construction anyway, so just drove the rest of the way to Clarkston, WA. Tomorrow we will cross over into Idaho. And I’ll even stay awake for it. This is the view from our campground. It’s beautiful here!

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