Poor navigation, rotten shoulders

Update on the mouse situation: We put out traps baited with peanut butter, then added a little bit of chocolate Lara bar. It actually looked pretty good. And within a minute of us turning out the lights to go to sleep we heard the trap under the sink. We got him! There haven’t been any more, so we think we picked up two of them at one of the campgrounds and now have gotten rid of them. But we won’t be removing traps anytime soon anyway.

Today we crossed into Idaho and onto a new adventure cycling map. That’s kind of a big deal, going to a new map, I mean. You go a lot of days on just one. Anyhow, I used my keen navigational skills to totally miss the route I meant to be on. That included riding up one really steep hill that I never would have needed to. In fact, when I got to the top is when I checked and saw I was a mile or two too far. Then I missed my turn to a bike path and stayed on a busy Hwy. 12 longer than necessary. And it goes on. Let’s just say that today I couldn’t have navigated my way out of a paper bag.

Eventually we met up again and traded off. Michelle didn’t get lost once, except at the same place that I took a wrong turn, so it didn’t matter. We just used our own alternate route.

And we didn’t ride as far as we had hoped, but we have a reason! The shoulders disappeared and the log trucks multiplied. Neither of us felt safe enough to ride in that, so we called it a day early and checked into a KOA. It’s important to be flexible, you know.

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