Walla Walla Washington

Has anyone noticed that the northwest is having a spring heatwave? Well, we have.

Yesterday we pulled in to Walla Walla with hopes of getting my bike looked at and spending a day off of our bikes. Both missions have been accomplished. My brakes were dragging, so maybe that’s part of the utter exhaustion. And today we got up whenever we wanted to, did some laundry, visited the humane society next door, then went downtown to one of the 39 (I think) tasting rooms. Wine is really big around here.

It’s been a good day. We are both going to have a little rest time now and hopefully fix a decent meal for tonight.

The picture is an adoptable dog named Bhoot. She’s a real sweetie and we enjoyed playing together for awhile.

Tomorrow it’s back in the saddle and hopefully you’ll hear more of our adventures.

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