We made it through another day – somehow

I see posts aren’t going through for the last couple of days. It shouldn’t be surprising, we haven’t had WiFi. But when we do again, I imagine they will all go out.

You’re probably tired of hearing this, but it was another beautiful ride! This picture is part of the Rowena loops. It’s a series of switchbacks that takes you down for two miles. Michelle had the adventure of riding it on her bike. It was adventure enough for me to drive it in the RV. She offered to take me back up so I could ride down, but it really wasn’t something I needed to do!

I couldn’t tell you exactly how many miles I rode today, but it was enough. Not a lot by any stretch of the imagination, but enough. One stretch I sort of rode three times. Second guessing myself again. And one stretch of interstate I drove multiples too. We had a bike rack malfunction and the town we had just left was the last town of any size that we could get parts to fix it for a long, long way.

And tonight we are once again camped by the Columbia River. I haven’t yet gotten tired of seeing eagles, hearing the water or gawking at the beautiful trees. I have had my fill of trains, though. Why do campgrounds always seem to be right beside the tracks?

One thought on “We made it through another day – somehow

  1. I want to ride that!!! Switchbacks can be grueling but ahhhh the joy of being on the top & the downhill ! Looks amazing !


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