Claskanie, Oregon

We started our ride!!! Still friends.

This is not going to be one of those bike tours where we start at the crack of dawn and keep pedaling until we reach our destination. Instead, if we continue to do things the way we did today, we will have a leisurely breakfast, wait for the mist to stop, then commence to riding.

Today’s ride really was beautiful. We both started on the river trail in Astoria. Michelle rode about halfway to the first rest point, then went back for the RV. We heard seals barking but couldn’t go down the pier because it was gated. So we only listened, no photos.

There were some fairly wicked hills, but we did just fine. After that river trail it was all on a busy highway. From my observations, RV drivers are much more rider friendly than logging trucks. I had no close calls, but I guess a couple of vehicles buzzed Michelle pretty bad.

But we are safe and sound and having a glass of Oregon wine, Rascal Pinot noir. We think it’s not bad. Our snack of the hour is gluten free chips and veggie dip.

Life is good.

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