April 28

Today was supposed to be the day to take off. But we didn’t yet. We decided tomorrow would be better. Michelle and I are both delaying packing for as long as we can, I think. But we will get it done in the end. I was going to get my bike ready last week, but that’s a task for tomorrow. It’s miserably cold and spitting a little rain here now. If tomorrow isn’t better maybe my bike will have to start out dirty. I can always clean it on the way. Right?

We haven’t looked at our route to the Pacific yet, but it’s early. We know we need to go through Gettysburg to have my brother-in-law tweak a few things on the RV, so there’s no need to plan the route further. We figure, if it takes too long there we will just spend the night and leave fairly early Tuesday.

We did drink a toast to our trip, RV and friends last night. Now all we have to do is make it happen.

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